About Moxee Signal

  • Moxee Signal is a mobile personal safety system in a pocket-sized, easy-to-use device.

  • Check-In to share your GPS location and let those who care know that all is well.

  • Send an alert to let your personal network know you need assistance, share your GPS location, and provide real-time audio.

  • The Moxee app supports Android 6 / iOS 8.0 or newer and lets you set up and manage your Moxee Signal personal safety device

  • You must use the Moxee app to pair your Signal with an Android or iOS device before you can use it.

  • Not available for purchase in Arizona.

  • Moxee Signal is locked to the Clarity Wireless network and cannot be unlocked to use on other networks.

Device information is provided by the manufacturer.

1 You will need at least moderate Clarity Wireless coverage throughout your location to properly use the Clarity Signal service. The Moxee Signal device is designed to provide coverage at your location that is consistent with other Clarity Wireless devices, $10 SIM card, and, in stores & on customer service calls, $19.99 Act fee or upgrade fee may be required. Participating locations only.