These days being connected is a requirement. It’s how we live our lives. We get it. That’s why we offer Three home internet plans via a reliable, 5G high-speed network. Contact us to verify eligibility and get set up.

Home Internet

Plans to meet your data demands, whatever they may be. We are not like the other guys, we are a small company that focuses on our customers.

Get Clarity Wireless Home Internet.

Starting at $60/mo.

Ditch cable and switch. Check availability to get the right service for your home.

Fixed Wireless service is available in:




Pine Forest

Bring us to your town!


Plan only available in select markets and requires equipment to remain at one eligible service location. Contact Clarity Wireless to determine eligibility. AutoPay/Paperless billing and credit approval required. Service may be temporarily slowed in times of congestion and data may be slower than other traffic. The plan may automatically shift to 3G speeds when you exceed 750GB. Additional terms apply. See claritywirelesstx.com/terms for details including obligations to serve Southeast Texas customers.

Home internet services require compatible devices and service plans, may not be available in all geographical areas, and are subject to performance limitations. Speeds may vary and depends on several factors, including but not limited to, network congestion, location, and equipment. A Service Plan is Required for Activation. Plans are not returnable or refundable.  We are not responsible for agreements that are currently in place with major carriers should they change. We have no control over possible network optimizations being conducted by major carriers or cell tower deprioritizing in congested areas. A $25 activation fee may apply.

What type of technology does home internet service use?

Our internet service uses fixed wireless technology which uses radio signals rather than cables to bring the internet to your home.

Does Clarity Wireless have to come to my house to install the internet service?

No. Fixed wireless internet means we do not need to bring a cable into your home. You just need to plug in our wireless router and it will connect wirelessly to our network and in turn to the internet. No tech or tools are needed.

Is the internet service going to interfere with my cell phone?

No. Our cellular and internet services run on separate networks that use different spectrum frequencies. So internet activities will not impact your cellular service.

Can i use the home internet for my business?

While our plans are designed for residential needs, many small businesses use our internet service. For other enterprise needs, get in touch with your Clarity Wireless representative.